lunes, 11 de diciembre de 2023

Peter Gabriel - i-o (2023)

MP3 @ 320Kb - 

Lista de temas

 01. Panopticom (Bright-Side Mix)

 02. The Court (Bright-Side Mix)

 03. Playing for Time (Bright-Side Mix)

 04. i-o (Bright-Side Mix)

 05. Four Kinds of Horses (Bright-Side Mix)

 06. Road to Joy (Bright-Side Mix)

 07. So Much (Bright-Side Mix)

 08. Olive Tree (Bright-Side Mix)

 09. Love Can Heal (Bright-Side Mix)

 10. This Is Home (Bright-Side Mix)

 11. And Still (Bright-Side Mix)

 12. Live and Let Live (Bright-Side Mix)

CD 2

 13. Panopticom (Dark-Side Mix)

14. The Court (Dark-Side Mix)

15. Playing for Time (Dark-Side Mix)

16. i-o (Dark-Side Mix)

17. Four Kinds of Horses (Dark-Side Mix)

18. Road to Joy (Dark-Side Mix)

19. So Much (Dark-Side Mix)

20. Olive Tree (Dark-Side Mix)

21. Love Can Heal (Dark-Side Mix)

22. This Is Home (Dark-Side Mix)

23. And Still (Dark-Side Mix)

24. Live and Let Live (Dark-Side Mix)

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1 comentario:

  1. Sadly, Peter has decided to go slow and boring. Everything is played to perfection. But, it's just not exciting in any way.