martes, 27 de enero de 2015

Guaranteed Pure - Ray Wilson - Swing Your Bag (1993)

MP3 @ 320Kb - 79,3Mb.

Lista de Temas:

01  They Don't Make Songs -Like They Used To Do
02  Good Times Are Coming Around
03  Burning Up My Heart
04  A Well Known Song
05  Even The Best Guys -Lose Their Girl
06  Wish I Was At Home (Live)
07  Swing Your Bag
08  Steppin Out
09  If Time Was On Our Side
10  Sad Eyed Girl
11  Pieces Of Rock'N'Roll
12  Pray Tonight
13  Loosely Called It Love
14  Well Known Groove -Mental In Maryhill
15  The Airport Song - Madness In Malaga (Swing Your Bag)

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